The Future: A Devotional School Inspired by Yamuna Devi

calligraphyAll proceeds from the sales of the book go towards funding a school based on how Yamuna devi shared Krishna Consciousness with others, with enthusiasm, patience, commitment and joy.

“This real education is something Yamuna and I both feel is integral to the future establishment and success of this Krsna Consciousness movement. Whatever we can do to facilitate that, we want to do.”
—Dinatarini devi

The Situation

Although I have come to this human form
My Lord, I have passed my life uselessly.
I did not care to serve Radha and Krishna
And have swallowed poison carelessly.

Hare Krishna comes straight from Krsna-loka,
But with the chanting I have no connection.
Day and night I’m burning in this dark world
Without working to make the correction.
—Srila Prabhupada’s translation to Hari Hari Biphale by Narottam Das Thakur

The Solace

“Our solace is the example and wisdom handed down to us by great Vaishnavas such as Srila Prabhupada and Bhaktivinoda Thakur.”
—Yamuna Devi

For Thee Thy Sire on High has kept
A store of bliss above,
To end of time, thou art Oh! His—
Who wants but purest love.

O Love! Thy power and spell benign
Now melt my soul to God;
How can my earthly words describe
That feeling soft and broad?
—Saragrahi Vaishnvava poem by Bhaktivinoda Thakur


The Solution

“Our challenge is to use that wisdom now—in the living, breathing present—and march forward, O Saragrahi soul.”
—Yamuna Devi

“I pray to share these things that you have taught me, especially with the younger generation, now poised on the launching pad, in hopes that they may take these instructions to heart.”
—Yamuna devi, Vyasa Puja Offering 2002

The Plan

Our ambition is to open a school based on the simplicity and joy of unalloyed devotional service, as showcased in this book, unencumbered by other pursuits.

The focus would be on giving students the tools and the taste for Krishna Consciousness. The tools refer to having enough knowledge of the Absolute Truth to navigate their way through the material world without being flustered or distracted from the goal.

We hope that students learn to see every activity, field of knowledge, resource or relationship as an ingredient for service to the Supreme Lord, thereby identifying themselves as Vaishnavas throughout their lives.

The taste refers to gaining real affection for the Supreme Lord, by establishing a personal loving relationship with Him through engaging in the nine processes of devotional service. This taste leaves them without an appetite for other flavors of the world.

The medium for conveying this will be the lives, examples, songs and writings of the previous Acharyas, along with the writings and words of Yamuna devi herself. Like Yamuna devi, we firmly believe the Vaishnava saints are always accessible and eager to give their mercy to those who turn to them.

The Future

Yamuna and Dinatarini’s own beautiful and glorious Deities, Sri Sri Radha-Banabehari, will preside over the school and be the recipients of our humble attempts in practicing devotional service.

Also used to inspire the students will be the collected sacred articles belonging to Srila Prabhupada and our previous Acharyas, which Yamuna and Dinatarini devis collected and preserved for this purpose.

We also hope to publish more books by Yamuna devi, such as her Deity Book and Cooking for Srila Prabhupada. These would become central to the education scheme as well.

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