Unalloyed: Who We Are


Unalloyed: The Yamuna Devi Legacy Project, is a non-profit corporation formed at the request of Dinatarini devi, for the purpose of preserving and perpetuating the significant legacy of Yamuna Devi.

The immediate concern was publishing her book, and a group of grateful friends and admirers of Yamuna dedicated themselves to this end.

Dinatarini devi dasi, Melbourne Beach, Florida

Dinatarini devi has been Yamuna Devi’s companion for 37 years, following Srila Prabhupada’s instructions to them. No one knew Yamuna Devi’s heart and mind better than Dinatarini, and they were considered by those close to them to be of one spirit. Shortly before Yamuna Devi passed away, she asked Dinatarini to complete her memoir book project in her absence. Although it has become a mammoth endeavour, Dinatarini considers it an offering of honour,  and a way to glorify the great soul she knew Yamuna Devi to be.

Under Dinatarini’s direction for Unalloyed are the following servants:

Radhakunda Delaney, Saranagati, Canada

Including her responsibilities as a mother of two children under 3, Radha makes time to cook daily for Dinatarini devi, the crew, and guests. She also took the service of scanning and transcribing all of Yamuna’s handwritten papers, which include her complete journals. When she is not volunteering full-time for the project, Radha teaches at Govardhan Academy, located in Saranagati.

 Kartamasa Delaney, Saranagati, Canada

Kartamasa collects and compiles information for Dinatarini to use for the book, and otherwise tries to relieve Dinatarini of whatever chores take away from her writing time. When he is not volunteering full-time for the project, Kar teaches at Govardhan Academy, located in Saranagati.

Lilamrta Devi, Saranagati, Canada

Lilamrta devi has been our dedicated transcriber of anything ever recorded by or about Yamuna Devi. Not only does she relish hearing Yamuna’s words, but she noticeably absorbs their wisdom and becomes more and more effulgent with saintly qualities. She is also the maintainer and care-taker of Banabehari Mandir, itself an incredible part of Yamuna Devi’s Legacy.

Lilamrta Devi on far right

Neem Vadhwana, Vancouver,Canada
Neem has has provided financial support to the group of Kartamasa, Radhakunda, Haribhakti, and Lilamrta so each could spend between 1 and 6 months in Melbourne Beach with Dinatarini, in order to do a marathon of necessary service for the book project. He also provides research service in his spare time.

Neem in foreground

Jahnavi Harrison, London, UK

Jahnavi handles the entire non-North American department of the project. She interviews, transcribes, collects photographs, writes homages, contributes artistically, all as service in separation.

We are also tremendously grateful to the following friends who have dedicated much time to the project:

Srutirupa devi dasi

Visakha devi dasi

Yadubara Dasa

Giriraja Swami

Nataka Candrika devi dasi

Abhay Singh

Kapila Monet

Ananda Monet

Kalindi Fournier

Gopal Fournier

Rasa Moore

Kava Moore

Haripriya Griesser

Rasikananda Dasa

Raghu and Govinda Cordua

Nirmala and Devarsi Eldridge

Rangavati devi dasi