Yamuna’s Disappearance Day program at Banabehari Mandir

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We had a very nice program at Banabehari Mandir honoring Yamuna Devi’s Disappearance Day (5 years!). Unfortunately, we were all too engaged to take pictures, so just a brief report:

The program had over 30 attendees, almost all from Saranagati Village. It began with Kar leading Gauranga Bolite Habe. Next, everyone shared a memory of Yamuna which was very sweet. For instance, Uttama devi expressed how Yamuna made the austerities of Krishna consciousness (particularly in Krishna consciousness) seem so beautiful and relishable. Next, we had a wonderful kirtan by Yamuna’s dear friend Lilamrta devi. During the kirtan each attendee went and offered flowers to a photo of Yamuna Devi.

Our special guest was Nimesh prabhu from Vancouver, who brought Yamuna’s initiation japa beads and a pushpa samadhi to be appreciated by the guests.

Prasadam included:  rice, dahl, three subjis, biscuits, raita, cake, sweetballs, nectar, and a few more items, most from Yamuna’s cookbook.

Yamuna Devi ki jai!

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